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Autodoser - Chemical Dosing Pumps in water treatment

Technology and Process Description

Chemical Dosing generally applies to feeding chemicals in small quantities in to the process fluid at specified intervals to give sufficient time for the chemical to react with the fluid for achieving the desired results.

Autodoser is an electrical diaphragm pump which is used to accurately dose the desired chemical into the water. This pump effectively and uniformly injects the chemical into the water with very high level of consistency. This pump is used to dose oxidising agents, antiscalant chemicals and other such chemicals required in water treatment processes.

These pumps are of self-lubricating type capable of pumping chemicals of any viscosity at constant pressure and very high level of consistency irrespective of the suction pressure variations. The driving component in this pump is a flexible diaphragm. The advantage of this design is the elimination of all gland packings and seals which are exposed to the liquid being pumped. This feature is highly useful when hazardous, toxic and corrosive liquids are handled.

Pumps for continuous flow are also designed and supplied by us as per requirements. Useful support accessories like pressure relief valves, NRVs, suction strainers, back pressure valves, pulsation dampners, pressure gauges, dissolving baskets, and high/low speed motorized agitators are also supplied by us.

The stroke length of the pumps is adjustable from 10% to 100% with the fixed stroke rate of 100 strokes per minute. Every unit comes with a comlete set of inlet strainer cum foot valve and injection check valve.

All dosing systems can be upgraded to completely automated units with a link to PLCs. All dosing pumps come with storage tanks in FRP / HDPE / SS with fume / moisture sealing devices conforming to international safety norms.

MORF INDIA supplies a wide range of controlled volume pumps like plunger type metering pumps, electrical diaphragm type metering pumps, steam jacketed plunger pumps, mechanically actuated pump and hydraulically actuated pumps for dosing different chemicals. These positive displacement reciprocating pumps with stroke adjustment mechanism are mounted on compact skids, robust and engineered to dose precise and pre-fixed quantity of chemicals. These pumps are equipped with liquid handling materials that guarantee a very wide chemical comparability. Since the pump head is made of polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre, PTFE diaphragm, unique double ball valve design and the absence of elastomers, the system can work with almost all chemicals.

General Features and Technical Information

The flow rate of these dosing pumps start from 1 LPH to 200 LPH at variable operating pressures. Clear LED indication lamps help us track the status of the pump. The seals in PTFE / Viton / Pyrex ensures effective sealing of the pump and avoids dangerous spillage. The diaphragm is made of speciality teflon for longer life and consistent performance.

The pumps are highly user and service friendly since they have very few moving parts. Very compact, light-weight and tank-mountable, these pumps are easy to maintain and economical. The power consumption is very low and these pumps come with corrosion resistant totally enclosed GFPP housing and in-built level trip function.

Adjustable injection frequency (100 to 150 rpm), unique double ball check and NRVs helps in accurate and continuous dosing of the chemicals. The other features of the pump are :

  • Power Supply: 220 VAC - 10% + 10%
  • Fuse blown indication
  • High Temperature Protection
  • Nominal Power: 50 watts
  • Peak Power Consumption : 200 watts

All the spares for this dosing pump are readily available with us which minimizes the down time at times of trouble.

General Applications

  • Disinfection and oxidation of water by dosing NaOCl (Sodium Hypochlorite). Used in Raw Water Treatment Plants and Swimming Pools
  • Sodium Meta Bi Sulphate (SMBS) for dechlorination of water (Pretreatment to RO)
  • Coagulation of the physical impurities in water by using Alum (Aluminium Sulphate), Ferrous Sulphate and Ferric Chloride.
  • Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) or Sodium Carbonate (NaCo3) for pH neutralization (pH Boosters)
  • Anti-scalants for protecting membrane surfaces from scale precipitation
  • Dosage of cleaning chemicals into the membranes
  • Dealkalization of water (reduction of M-alkalinity) by using HCl (Hydrochloric acid)
  • Dosage of chemicals like Lime, Soda ash, PAC, FeCl3, Polyelectrolytes, Anti-foaming agents in ETP / STP
  • Usage of various types of biocides.
  • Dosage of chemicals like acid/alkali, bio-dispersants and corrosion inhibitors in cooling towers and boilers
  • A detailed analysis of the raw water will help us recommend the right product and chemicals.

Autodoser Chemical Dosing Pumps

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Autodoser Chemical Dosing Pumps

Autodoser Chemical Dosing Pumps

Autodoser Chemical Dosing Pumps

Autodoser Chemical Dosing Pumps