Essencia UV Purifier

Essencia UV Purifier

MORF EssenciaTM is the latest cutting-edge residential UV purifier from our stable to purify municipal/corporation water and ground water with a TDS of less than 500 ppm. With high quality stainless steel purification chambers, MORF EssenciaTM follows stringent global standards to ensure complete purity, safety and durability. MORF EssenciaTM is your best bet to safeguard your family's health.

Salient features of MORF Essencia TM

  • Appealing aesthetics

  • Stainless Steel (SS 316) Purification Chamber

  • Unique StreamGuide Technology

  • Advanced 3-stage combo system (Filtration + Purification)

  • Electronic Monitoring Device (EMD) for maximum protection

  • Safe food grade plastics

  • Conforms to BIS (ISI) safety standards

Advanced StreamGuide Technology
This technology is used to simulate the entire UV disinfection process using software programs. This ensures that the system flow mode is optimized and the correct UV dose is administered resulting in proper and maximum disinfection of water.

Technical specifications

Product dimensions

367mm(H) x 144mm(D) x 350mm(W)

Product Weight



On-line wall mounted

Disinfection Efficiency


Operating Voltage

230Volt ± 10%AC/50Hz

System wattage

25 watts ± 10%

No. of UV lamp


UV Lamp wattage

8 watts

UV Lamp Wavelength

2537 Angstorm units

Life of the UV lamp

6000 working hours

Transmitting Medium

Quartz Glass

Flow Rate

2 litres (max) per minute(120LPH)**

Min. Water Pressure

0.3 Kg/cm2

Max. Water Pressure

2.8(max) Kg/Cm2

Input water temperature


Inlet water

Municipal / Corporation water / Ground water with TDS of <500ppm


750 mA Fast Blow

Output flow control

Switch-operated solenoid valve

** Flow rate may vary depending upon the inflow pressure and condition of the filters. # All figures are nominal values.

Note: If the inlet water pressure is lower than the minimum requirement, a booster pump is recommended. If the inlet water pressure is higher than the maximum specified, a pressure reducing valve is recommended. Both can be procured from the open market.

MORF Essencia works in three stages****
1st Stage
Filtration Chamber - Filters physical impurities effectively through a multi-layered polypropylene wound sediment cartridge with a porosity of 5-8 microns (nominal).

2nd Stage
Clarity Chamber - Hi-grade silver impregnated activated carbon granules eliminate free chlorine*, volatile organic compounds, bad colour, odour and also improves the taste of water.

3rd Stage
Power Chamber - This stage consists of a UV lamp enclosed in quartz sleeve inside a stainless steel (SS 316) chamber. Using StreamGuide technology, water is optimally exposed to UV rays which destroys all harmful water-borne bacteria, viruses, parasites, cyst and amoeba which cause dangerous diseaseS like Hepatitis A (Jaundice), Typhoid, Gastroenteritis, Dysentry and Cholera.

* Free chlorine produces carcinogenic by-products that can cause cancer

**** If the feedwater is turbid, additional filtration /treatment will have to be planned

The US Public Health Service stipulates that UV disinfection equipment should have a minimum UV dosage of 1600+ uW sec/cm2. MORF Essencia TM is designed to impart a dosage of 30,000+ uW sec/cm2 based on 0.10 absorbtion co-efficient of water. MORF Essencia TM is designed to deliver physically and microbiologically pure water. The chemical contamination (excess TDS/Heavy Metals) in the water will not be treated by this product.

  • The MORF Advantages

  • ISO Certified and CRISIL rated public limited company

  • Vertically integrated organization

  • In-depth knowledge and expertise in water treatment and purification

  • Wide range of hi-quality products for residential, institutional and industrial segments

  • Winner of UNESCO and PENTAIR water awards

  • Over 1,50,000 users across South India

  • Performance certificates from reliable and reputed laboratories

  • Value added services: Enquiry Helpline/Holiday Service/Comprehensive Guarantee

  • Multiple Payment Options (Cheque/Credit Card/Installments)