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Our Infrastructure

Infrastructure plays a vital role in the growth course of an organization. Infrastructure of an organization will have to be adequate and in proportion with the business volumes of that enterprise. Lack of infrastructure or inadequate infrastructure may lead to chaos and collapse of an organization.

Proper infrastructure is reflective of the size, strength, professionalism of a business enterprise and greatly helps the business enterprise to scale up its operations with ease.

We have gradually built up our company's infrastructure and proportionately expanded it over a period of 10 years of operations. MORF periodically reviews the adequacy of its infrastructure and strengthens it in accordance with its business needs.

Our present infrastructure details are classified as follows:

Office Automation And Communication Infrastructure

All our offices are equipped with the latest office automation equipments. viz. faxes, key telephone systems, computers, UPS devices, photocopiers, printers, scanners, multi-function devices, document and CD shredders, point-of-sale EDC Terminals, biometric attendance systems etc.

In terms of communication tools, adequate number of phone lines have been installed at all our offices. All our employees have been given mobile SIM cards to avoid communication gaffes. Corporate email IDs have been provided to our key employees. Internet, intranet, VoIP, Mass SMS / Email softwares are also available.

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