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Reverse Osmosis Purification Technology

Kelvinator Water Purifier Vs Packaged Drinking Water

Kelvinator Water Purifier

Packaged Drinking Water

Safe water - Fresh and instant

Quality is certain

Unlimited quantity to meet

Unexpected demand

Can be spurious and unsafe

Quality is not certain

Sanitation is questionable

Existance of sub-standard
mineral water plants with fake


Kelvinator Water Purifier

Package Drinking Water

Water consumption per year for a five-member family

25 litres per day x 365 days = 9125 litres; Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Contract / unit = Rs.3,900.00 per year

Per ltr cost: Rs.3,900 / 9125 ltrs = 43 paise

Premium brands will cost
between Rs. 50 & Rs. 60 per 20 ltrs can

Per litre cost : Rs. 2.50 - Rs. 3.00

Local brands will cost between
Rs. 20 & 25 per 20 ltrs can

Per litre cost : Rs. 1.00 to 3.00