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Reverse Osmosis Purification Technology

General Features and Technical Information

The efficacy, durability and quality consistency of the output water of a RO plant is ascertained based on the design, engineering accuracy, material of construction, prescribed usage and sound preventive maintenance. The design of the plant is of vital importance and MORF INDIA strictly adheres to the design guidelines issued by the membrane manufacturers. All our RO systems utilize the state-of-the-art energy saving spiral wound TFC polyamide membranes. The components and membranes are selected to give the highest performance consistency, lowest down-time and ownership cost.

The recovery (permeate) from the RO plant varies between 20% and 70% based on the raw water TDS and the configuration of the plant. The reject water management (reuse and disposal) depends on the TDS content of the rejected water.

The treatment scheme for a customized RO plant to treat Tap Water, Brackish Water and Sea Water can be classified in to three major parts.

i. Pre-Treatment
ii. Principal Treatment
iii. Post-Treatment

The above scheme is determined based on the characteristics of the raw water and the applications of the product water.

The Pre-Treatment
The pre-treatment is primarily aimed at eliminating the physical and biological contaminants in the raw water and also reducing the impact of hardness. While pre-treatment will vary depending on the raw water characteristics, generally the pre-treatment to an RO plant consists of the following scheme.

Macro Filter - For removal of non-ionic and undissolved physical impurities
UV Sterilizer - For removal of microbiological impurities
Anti-scalant Chemical - for minimizing the impact of hardness and silica
Micron Filter - Further eliminating the physical impurities to micronic levels.

In case of higher load of microbiological impurities, the Macro Filter will be split into separate Pressure Sand Filter and Activated Carbon Filter along with a Dosing pump for chlorinating the water. An ORP meter is highly recommended in this scheme. Additional pre-treatment may be warranted in the event of presence of heavy metals, oil and grease, BOD/COD, silica and silt in the water. In sea-water applications, a tube settler/clarifier, flocculator will have to be used before the filtration units

The Principal Treatment
The principal treatment consists of the RO module. The RO membrane is chosen based on the TDS content in the water, required output and the desired operating pressure. Separate membranes are available for tap water (<2000 ppm), brackish water (2000 ppm - 8000 ppm) and sea water ( > 8000 ppm) applications. The RO module consists of RO membrane and the hi-pressure pump. Depending on the raw water quality, applications and product recovery, different types of pumps are used. viz. Vertical Multi-stage centrifugal pumps, Plunger pumps and Rotary Vane pumps. Adequate instrumentation has to be provided to ensure the smooth functioning and safety of the RO module.

MORF uses global brands of membranes like GE OSMONICS-USA, HYDRANAUTICS-USA, KOCH and TORAY-JAPAN reputed for their high efficiency, ruggedness and energy-saving designs in our RO plants. GRUNDFOS and WILO are the most preferred high pressure pumps.

RO membranes are manufactured in either cellulose triacetate or polyamides. Membranes are made in hollow fibre, spiral wound, plat and tubular modules. Selection factors for membranes include pH stability, fouling factors, working life, mechanical strength, operating pressure and selectivity for solutes.

Spiral wound configurations generally have more favourable operating characteristics and are most commonly used. Operating pressures are in the range of 75-1000 psi (5-67 bar). Membrane thickness are on the order of 0.05 mm.

The RO housing comes in Stainless Steel and FRP. The intermediary pipes and fittings are available in SS 304/SS 316/UPVC/CPVC.

Instrumentation :

Low Pressure and High Pressure Switches, Pressure Gauges, Built-in membrane cleaning pump and tank, Conductivity Meters, Feed/Permeate/Reject flow indicators, Reject Control Valves, Status indicator lamps/Intermediary tubes and fittings, Flow Switches, Electrical Panels and Switches, pre-wired control panels, time-delay start up device,

The entire RO plant is mounted on a compact (Powder Coated MS / SS) skid with easy access to the controls.

The Post Treatment
The post-treatment required for the plant depends on the product water quality, applications and the distribution method chosen which are as follows.

i. pH Boosters - To neutralize the pH in the product water
ii. De-gasser Towers - To liberate the free CO2
iii. UV Sterlizers - To eliminate the storage re-contamination
iv. Ozonators - To eliminate the storage re-contamination and increase the shelf life.
v. P-O-U systems - Disinfection just before consumption

If the distribution is centralized, a single UV system or an ozonator will be sufficient. However, in case of decentralized distribution system, proportionate number of P-O-U (Point-of -use) systems will have to be provided.

Cutting-edge automation options can be provided which includes Microprocessor-based PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) with Digital Display and Mimic, DCS, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) with real-time logging and remote communication facility. MORF INDIA offers very user-friendly and flexible automation packages with supervisory controls / access codes.

Pre-engineered and standardized modular models are available for domestic (Sparkle) and institutional requirements. For industrial applications and large scale operations, custom-designed RO plant can be fabricated and supplied to meet multifarious applications.

Commercial Packaged Drinking Water (Mineral Water) plants based on RO purification technology can also be supplied on a turnkey basis. Guidance and consultancy to set up a laboratory and obtain necessary clearances from Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI) will also be provided.

All our products and components are manufactured/sourced under the most stringent quality control norms and tested to international quality standards in every aspect.

SPARKLE RANGE OF DOMESTIC RO PURIFIERS of less than 30 LPH flow rate come with a One Year Comprehensive Guarantee which covers everything including the cartridges and membranes.