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Reverse Osmosis Purification Technology

SPARKLE RO Purifier - Process Diagram *


Raw water

Pure Safety


Stage 1 - Sediment Filter

Premium Graded 5 micron pre-
filter removes suspended
particles, turbidity and makes
water crystal clear. Protects the
pre-carbon filter from clogging.

Treated water


Stage 2 - Membrane Protection

Stage 7- UV Radiation

High quality anti-scalant
chemical in solid form minimizes
scaling on the membrane
surface and thereby
ensures longer membrane life.

Serves as a safety measure to
eliminate any left-out micro
organisms found in the treated


Stage 3 - Pre-Carbon Filter

Stage 6 - Post-Carbon Filter

High efficiency activated carbon
granules filter volatile
organic compounds, residual
chlorine, bad smell, bad color
and bad taste.

Restores the original taste
and freshness of water


Stage 4 - Fine Filter

Stage 5 - Membrane

Fine 1 micron cartridge filter
removes very fine sediment
particles and carbon slips thus
protecting the membrane from

Thin film composite (TFC)
energy-saving polyamide membrane removes dissolved solids, harmful chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and virus.