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Water level controller

Technology and General Information

AUTOFLO is an advanced fully automatic electronic pump operator which controls the operation of all types of pumps and maintains the desired level of water in the overhead tank. AUTOFLO monitors the level of water through the DC sensors installed in the tank and sump. Uniquely coloured LEDs mounted on the front panel displays the functions of the product.

AUTOFLO is a simple and economical device with a compact design that comes with audio visual indication alarms at every stage. AUTOFLO has four levels of indication. It indicates the minimum water level in the tank and the maximum water level in the tank. This device also has a manual mode. It starts the motor once the water level in the overhead tank drops below a pre-set low level and switches off the motor when the water level in the overhead tank rises up to pre-set high level. It also switches off the motor when the water in the sump is exhausted or the bore well does not give out water thereby preventing the motor running dry.

AUTOFLO stops the pump automatically if the voltage power supply is high or low. In the event of of motor running dry due to impeller block, airlock, blocks in pipe and foot valve, coupling failure, this device stops the pump running followed by a musical buzzer sound. This dramatically reduces the chances of a motor burnout.

AUTOFLO can be installed for both sump and overhead tanks to prevent the water from overflowing and pump from dry run. The sensors used in the AUTOFLO are plastic molded, corrosion resistant, non-conductive with low power consumption and safe to be used in the tanks. These sensors send very accurate signals to the monitor to ensure uninterrupted water supply. A toggle switch is provided to put the system on manual mode.

AUTOFLO can also be combined with MORF electronic Timer for the smooth operation of water treatment plants.

AUTOFLO saves precious water, expensive electricity, airlocks in the pump, valuable time and our money too. It is an easy to maintain product with very low maintenance cost. Continuous overflow of water can cause serious damage to many parts of your home / office like roofs and walls if left undetected.

AUTOFLO is useful for all segments. ie., individual houses/bungalows, multi-storied apartments, hotels, hospitals, hostels, restaurants, colleges, schools, marriage and community halls, commercial centres and factories.

Technical Specifications

Powder Coated Mild Steel Body
Operating Voltage : 170 - 240 V, AC
Internal Voltage :
Power Consumption : 0.25 watts
Front Panel Visual Display with LED
Audio alarms with musical buzzers
Fully Automatic Start / Stop Operations
Dry Run Protection
Protection from Voltage Fluctuations
Advanced 0.1 millivolts DC Sensor
Stainless Steel A Grade Probes

Important Note

This device does not protect the pumps due to problems caused by overload and under load operations and phase failure in case of three phase pumps.

For single phase pumps, connect the monitor through a good quality started and for three phase pumps, connect the monitor through good quality starter and single phase preventer.

Protect this device from being exposed to water and sunlight and install it in a dry, dust-free place having good ventilation.

Models available for single phase and three phase motors, low TDS water and all types of pumps