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ZERO-ION Demineralizers

General Features and Technical Information

MORF INDIA offers a wide range of pre-engineered and packaged demineralizer units in modular forms to suit standard industrial needs of the customers. These DM units are rugged and pre-assembled to minimize the start-up costs significantly. Large and customized DM plants are also designed to meet their specific requirements. Various types of systems like Packed Bed Systems, Co-current Systems and Counter-current systems are also offered.

The efficacy and durability of a DM unit depends on the Design, Engineering accuracy, Material of Construction, Resin efficiency, prescribed usage and sound preventive maintenance.

The quality of demineralized water may be analyzed by measuring the ability of the water to conduct or resist electricity. Demineralized water is a poor conductor and therefore, has high resistivity and low conductivity.

Resistivity is measured in MO-cm (18.2 at 25°C indicating highly purified water). Conductivity is measured in µS/cm (0.055 at 25°C indicating highly purified water). MO-cm and µS/cm are linked. One is the inverse of the other. It is therefore very simple to convert from micro siemens to megohms and vice versa.

Twin-Bed DM Plants normally produce water quality in the range of 50,000 ohms up to 200,000 ohms resistivity, which is between 8.5 and 2.0 ppm TDS as CaCO3. Mixed-bed deionizers produce higher quality water. They are often used to polish water from twin-bed deionizers to produce water of up to 18 MO-cm.

A DM/MB unit consists of three major parts namely i. The Shell, ii. Valve and iii. The Resins. The design / dimensions of the plant are highly formula-driven and are primarily based on the level of ionic load (TDS) present in the water and the total volume of water required per day.

DM/MB plants are available in Mild Steel with Rubber Lining inside and Epoxy Coating Outside (MSRLEC), Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP), LLDPE and Composite vessels. Multi port valve makes the process highly user-friendly (Less Friction Co-efficient) with its single-point operations, controls and excellent seal capability preventing internal port leaks. Alternatively, multiple manual valves (nest) are also used with complete frontal piping in the configuration.

Advanced and robust PP internals (Hub and Laterals, Bell Mouth type) ensure even distribution of the inlet water into the resin bed and proper collection of the demineralized water.

Pre-engineered and packaged type DM plants are available for standard industrial and similar applications. Packaged type DM plants are skid mounted, fully assembled including necessary intermediary piping, valves, chemical tanks with regeneration system, hydraulic ejectors and one conductivity meter to monitor the treated water quality.

Air Scouring is essential in large-scale DM units to agitate and loosen the resin beds and sustain their efficacy and durability.

Our products and components are manufactured/sourced under the most stringent quality control norms and tested to international quality standards in every aspect.

All DM units are available as Downflow, Upflow, Counterflow and Splitflow models in two/three/four bed configurations. Manual, Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic versions can be designed according to the requirements.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES : Field-Mounted Digital Flow Meter / Totalizer.

A detailed analysis of the raw water will help us configure the right product.

General Applications

There are primarily three ways in which ion-exchange technology can be applied in water treatment and purification. Firstly, cation-exchange resins alone can be employed to soften water by base exchange. Secondly, anion-exchange resins alone can be used for organic scavenging or nitrate removal in the water and thirdly, cation-exchange and anion-exchange resins can be combined and used to remove virtually all the ionic impurities present in the feed water. Water demineralizers are used to obtain water of exceptionally high quality which are used in the following applications.

Hi-Pressure Boiler Feed

Cooling Towers and Systems




Pharmaceutical Companies

Export Garment Companies

Electronics and Semi-conductor industry

Printed Circuit board manufacturing

Solar Cell manufacturing